Hatching chicks

When we started farming, I learned that chickens could lay eggs in more colors than just white and brown. I was so excited. I went on a hunt to find all the most beautiful birds that would lay the whole rainbow of colours for me. It took me a few years. But I have been … More Hatching chicks


I had a number of customers ask me about jerky. I like jerky. Never made it before but thought I should give it a go. Well as you may have noticed from the fb page, it came out delicious. I’ve made 2 batches so far. The first one, I did almost everything wrong but the … More Jerky


Every farm needs cats. Cats for hunting vermin and cats for snuggling. Over the years we have learned a bunch about farms and cats. Two males fight. One will leave. Do not feed barn cats at the house. They belong in the barn. Otherwise. They may pee in your shoes. Do not tempt cats with … More Cats


It’s still a total deep freeze out there but I am thinking green! I am very excited because I finally had help to bring this into the house. It’s my Kijiji bought and husband rebuilt, grow table. And this spring it aims to grow lots if yummy yummy sprouts for you all. I also contacted … More Sprouts!

Cold Feet

Well, hello all, thanks for dropping in. This week has been a cold one again. Too cold. We really don’t mind the cold and the snow but the extreme cold this year has been a little much for us all. Firstly, with the increase in propane costs, heating our leaky old farm house now costs … More Cold Feet

Pork, Greens, Eggs, n Cheese….. Breakfast anyone?

The piggies are going “to Market” March 23rd so we will have our pork again by the first week of April. The exciting news is that we have booked them with our usual fabulous mennonite processors, Alvin Brubacher at Brubacher Meats but we have also booked a few with Andrew at Earlidale meats. This is … More Pork, Greens, Eggs, n Cheese….. Breakfast anyone?

Welcome Spring

Well, Spring has sprung and there is plenty of activity on the farm. Chicks Hatching, Ducklings arriving, Triplet kid surprises, Garden planning and creation AND a few escapees. Our Beef Heifers have arrived and have made themselves at home with Alice as their new Matriarch. After an initial scare resulting in escape to the neighbors … More Welcome Spring