Farm Phone: 519-835-7601  We are in Kawartha Lakes but I have kept my old cell number, sorry for any confusion.

*we apologize if we do not answer messages as quick as we should but the phone sometimes is just last in line for attention, call again


Address: 74 Hayes Line, Omemee, ON, K0L 2W0, near the big Buddha.

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    1. We have primarily pork at the moment, out of sausage and bacon but will have more in 2 weeks max. Eggs are mostly presold but i do have a waiting list for any surplus. Garlic is ready in just under 2 weeks, pray for rain and we’ll have lots of sweet corn coming, heirloom potatos will be ready in a few weeks too. and i have my soap available all the time too. Call or email for any other questions and thanks for asking! Stay cool.

  1. Hi there, we are new to this so just wondering if you can tell me how we go about purchasing meats and eggs from your farm

  2. Hello Michelle. Visited your farm today and was very impressed. For sure we’d like to purchase your whole chickens when they become available. Can you let me know how they are priced? Thank you.

  3. Congratulations, Michele! We’ll be following you from Burlington to Omemee. My parents are your neighbours; our family farm is on Hayes Line, too. The world is big, and tiny, at the same time. Let us know when you’re open!

  4. Hi there!
    I’m a little confused, do you have a store in Burlington? If so, what is the address and is it open to the public, I’m looking to buy a whole chicken or something like that tomorrow (Saturday)
    Thank you!

    1. No. we have relocated to Omemee. I’m still selling in the old neighbourhood thought. 12-4. 2724 no8 siderd today. Check fb for updates or join the mailing list. Rebranding. Will change everything soon. Thanks.

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