Second week of January 2014

Well … not too much excitement on the farm this week. Its still cold; varying degrees from frozen pipe cold to play in the snow cold. Everybody is tucked in the barn but on nice sunny still days the goats, cows and horse get to go out. We finally have our special fall treat for the animals. Its been delayed significantly this year due to some unforseen circumstances.

Apple pulp.


Organic. jan 9th download 2014 033









Lovely fibrous, juicy, mineral rich organic apple pulp from the Bousfields farm on Derry.

Its wonderful. Everybody loves it and we are so thankful for it. Its a bit messy but worth it and we all love the fresh unpasturized apple cider we also pick up from them when we go get it. YUM! If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should.

jan 9th download 2014 003  jan 9th download 2014 034 jan 9th download 2014 040


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