Happy Hemp Hogs ❤️

In the past, we have been fortunate to have the apple pulp from the cider press at the Bousfield’s organic orchard in Milton to feed our pigs.  Well I’m thrilled to say we… Continue reading

One little thing at a time….

I generally don’t like tractors.  They are loud, smelly, dangerous, burn fossil fuels… yuck.  Hubby, lives for tractors. They are strong, reliable, and extremely useful.  Why can’t we use horses? Please.  Well if… Continue reading

A new beginning…

Well friends, the time has come, we are nearing the end of Featherstone in Lowville and beginning a new chapter in Omemee.  Say what!?! Omemee is an indigenous name for pigeon, our new… Continue reading

The Big News

As many of you know, we are tenants here on our farm and the farm has been sold. We have loved growing our family and business here with you all in North Burlington… Continue reading

Chick Pics day at Featherstone!

For children young and old Drop by this Saturday or Sunday to cuddle the newly hatched and take some photos.    By donation in support of the farm move fund. As some of… Continue reading

April Rains

Good morning friends.     It is a cold and rainy morning here on the farm. So cold in fact, my young birds are not going outside for the day, they’re going to stay… Continue reading

Long time….

hello again. It’s been a while. I always seem to stop posting when we get really busy in the early summer and am able to start up again late winter.  So here I… Continue reading

Summertime….and the livin is busy ….. 

Here we are again.  In the full beautiful bounty of summer.  Goodness it’s glorious.     We have been beyond busy but are hoping things will begin to slow a bit.  The hay is… Continue reading

June 26, 2015

What a great season! I know we are expecting a bunch of rain, but the days have been so lovely. We need the rain now and I got more seeds in that need… Continue reading

Pasture raised gmo-free chicken is here! ….. And almost gone again. 

Hi everyone.  So sorry for the delay. It’s Friday now and I brought our first 100 meat chickens to market on Monday.  They’ve been selling fast as usual but there are still some… Continue reading