Where to buy

Farm Gate Sales by appointment and mobile deliveries coming soon.

Please email me at : featherstonefarmers@gmail.com and ask to join the newsletter for to the minute updates.

Please contact ahead of time to confirm availability of any products.

We love to offer tours to individuals, families and groups.

A nominal charge for our time may apply.

Custom orders often available.

We do what we can to help.


29 thoughts on “Where to buy

  1. Went to your farm. was impressed with what we saw. Interested in bacon and sausages (you meantioned Oct 10ish) and now the soap. How, when to get ?

  2. hi there i want to start buying local and was wondering what you sell and how you sell it. do you orders and how do i find out what can be bought> this is all new to me.

      1. Sorry no. Our chickens are grown on pasture in the spring and summer. They are sold fresh at that time. They sell out quickly and I’ll often take pre orders. Please join the mailing list for updates on availability. Just email if the link to do that is not apparent. Thank you.

  3. Farm Gate Sales –
    I am wondering when I can purchase some of your products? When is the farm gate open?

    Thank you!

  4. I am new to this website. i am interested in buying Muscovy ducks and whole chicken… what are the prices and also do you cut the duck in pieces or would i have to do it…. do you have it available right now and when can i come

  5. I’ve just attended a talk by Lauren MacDonald on healthy living. She recommended your farm for fresh produce. I would like to know your summer hours of operation?

    1. Move has been crazy but great. Going from 27 acres to over 100 is a dream come true. So many plans, its all so exciting. It’ll just take time but things will get better and better all the time. Updates via fb and I’m working on a blog post about calving season too. 😊

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