Pork, Greens, Eggs, n Cheese….. Breakfast anyone?

The piggies are going “to Market” March 23rd so we will have our pork again by the first week of April. The exciting news is that we have booked them with our usual fabulous mennonite processors, Alvin Brubacher at Brubacher Meats but we have also booked a few with Andrew at Earlidale meats. This is exciting because it means not only will we have our usual fabulous smoked pork and fresh cuts but we will also have: breakfast sausages, hotdogs, and nitrate-free bacon and ham. Please be sure to let me know if you may have any special orders well in advance. Great.

It is still full on winter but i have officially started greener dreams. I have decided this season to try something new. Greens. jan 16 2014 030

Sprouts, Shoots, Micro greens, and young leaf greens. Sunflower and pea shoots. Mustard-y micro greens. and lots and lots of greens. I’ll grow what i can and we will see how that goes. I’ll be dreaming of the day i can have my own greenhouse but until then……  Stay tuned to facebook for greens or feel free to ask when you drop in!

jan 16 2014 001 jan 16 2014 005 jan 16 2014 027  jan 16 2014 033 jan 16 2014 034 Egg production has been going well, almost hitting 3doz per day now. I have most of my weekly regulars booked up at the moment but should have more opening up in about a month. The eggs have been divine though. Nice orange/yellow yolks and great flavour. I use them all the time. Egg salad is a fave and i just tried a new meringue recipe to use up those whites left over from my chocolate chip cookie  recipe. It was absolutely a keeper!

On a dairy note, we are still learning how to work with out cow Alice. She does seem to suffer from low grade mastitis persistently, but as long as we pay attention while milking and hand milk out the teat with the troubles, we can stay on top of it without resorting to any antibiotics. After speaking to the vet, it seems some animals are more prone to this sort of thing than are others, lucky us, we’ve been learning a lot of lessons the hard way this season.

Oh! and I almost forgot. I busted open one of my aging cheddars…… ok i’ve forgotten to flip it for a few weeks so i found  it leaking juices and growing mould on the outside. I cleaned it off and cut it open…… quite nice! strong flavour, sorta crumbly, melts well, under salted a bit, overall YUM though! Very satisfied about that after the brie debacle. That stuff smelled horrible.

Till next week,

jan 16 2014 037dream greenjan 16 2014 035.

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