Our new Lady Cows

Dun coloured Belted Galloway.
A rare cattle breed originating from south western Scotland.

Whimsical, is our new 4yr old cow and Bronwyn, the smaller heifer, is her last years calf. Whimsical is about 8 months pregnant and is expecting her 3 rd calf in about a month.

Those of you who know our history with beef know we have been trying to settle on a breed of cattle to start a herd with. Well, we decided.

We chose Belted Galloway because of its :

•renowned for delicious beef production on only grass
• feed efficiency- more beef produced per grass consumed than other breeds.
• naturally polled- no horns to mess with
• medium size- easier to handle
• do not require barn housing in the winter due to wonderfully wooly coats and will subsequently go out to eat in most weather conditions
• and of course the super cuteness factor!

We are very excited to welcome them to our farm and look forward to many years with our new ladies.

We introduced them to Alice, our dairy cow and Lenny, our jersey calf and it was rather uneventful much to our great pleasure. We were concerned the two ladies may not get along but it seems they stick together. However, Lenny seems to maybe be on the outs now. So we’ll keep a close eye on them all.
That’s all for now. We’ll be sure to keep you updated.






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