Tamworth Heritage Pigs

Growing up, we didn’t really eat much pork. With the exception of some sliced Black Forest Ham, it was kind of a bland chop kind of experience. At the farmers market in Guelph, we were introduced to pasture raised heritage pork by our local farmers at the time. It was revolutionary! The humble pork chop had flavour again and bacon was a whole new experience.

We fell in love with this ‘new’ meat we had discovered and ended up being very good patrons of these farms. When we ended up on our own piece of property in the countryside over 10 years ago now, the first meat we wanted to raise were these amazing pigs, the Tamworths.

Tamworth Pigs are originally from the British isles. They were common and popular during the Tudor period.

If you are interested in more historical farming there is a great BBC series called the Tudor Monastery Farm where you’ll see these piggies and more about farms at that time.

They are ruby red with coarse hair and a longer torso than the average pig which often leads to the being referred to as the ‘bacon’ pig. Their darker color hair allows them to enjoy the sun without getting sunburnt as some of the pink piggies may. Over all they are very hardy and great outdoor foraging pigs for us.

We raise them outdoors year round, on pasture when we can and with a hut to provide shelter from the elements when chosen. They are fed gmo free grains regularly and hemp, apples and other nuts and veggies when they are available. The pigs enjoy a leisurely life and are very happy animals.

We are more than pleased to raise these beasts for your plate. They generally live with us until 6-9 months old when they are around 200lbs and ready to go. We bring them to a small Mennonite abbatoir in st.jacobs where we say goodbye and their journey is swiftly ended and they are then transported to our Mennonite butchers who craft the best pork products we have been able to find in all of southern Ontario.

They smoke beautiful bacons, Pepperettes and hams for us as well as put together all our custom gourmet sausages for us too.

They also provide us with amazing healthy, vitamin D rich Lard from our piggies for all your frying and baking and soap making needs!

I make gluten and preservative free sausages seasonally, Year round:

Honey garlic, maple garlic, bratwurst, chorizo, sage and apple, sage and currant, green goddess, Toulouse, boudin blanc, sweet Italian, hot Italian, year of the pig, Polish….. and more!

This is a labour of love. We love what we do and what we eat. We love working with these animals and we are happy to share this amazing opportunity with you.

Please ask us anything, come visit us and the animals, we love to share what we do.


8 thoughts on “Tamworth Heritage Pigs

    1. lots đŸ™‚
      Chops, ribs, sausages (garlic, mild italian, honey garlic, polish, bratwurst, sage and currant, cheddar, jalepeno and beer), butt roast, picnic roast, ham roast, sliced ham, hocks, lard, liver, hm….. bacon is all gone till beginning of dec, so is ground and schnitzel…. i think that may be it.

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