heritage tamworth pigs

My hubby loves his Tams.

Sir Francis Bacon is our boar; Diva, Penny Lane and Ruby Tuesday are his ladies (sows). Sir Francis is a stud. He likes to visit ladies at other farms too. He’s so darn good looking and does his job well.

Tams have litters of up to 14, about twice a year, the piglets are so very cute. Luckily they all look the same. They grow up fast and become mud monsters, 250 pounds of fun in the mud! I’ll be sure to post lots of pics.

We raise the pigs outdoors on pasture when the season is right. Ideally, we’d love to set up an oak Savannah/ fruit orchard pasture land for them, however, its in the works. Right now, they get pampered with fallen fruits and nuts we can collect as well as organic cider pulp and out of season pumpkins as well as their GMO-free grain.

2014 update
Unfortunately, sir Francis had to leave us last year, but we’d like to introduce Kevin Bacon our new tamworth boar and also we have Bella Berkshire joining our piggy family too. We hope they will be happy and healthy for a long time with us.

2016 update – no longer breeding piglets on farm. We have a lovely local farmer who breeds tams for us to raise on our farm.