Every farm needs cats. Cats for hunting vermin and cats for snuggling. Over the years we have learned a bunch about farms and cats.
Two males fight. One will leave.
Do not feed barn cats at the house. They belong in the barn. Otherwise. They may pee in your shoes.
Do not tempt cats with underprotected baby poultry. They are cats, they eat birds.
All female cats must be fixed. Or I will have a lot of Kijiji adoptions to make.
Female cats hunt. Males defend their females and look handsome.
Adopt cats. They need homes and love.

We currently have 4 adopted cats.
3 fixed feral females that we got from a local rescue and one fat male housecat adopted on Kijiji from Halifax.
Our ladies in the barn are fierce huntresses who do a wonderful job keeping the rodent problem down in the barn area. I am pleased to say that I have charmed two of them and they now cuddle. Little miss one eye is still very flighty and cautious but Trixie, whom I was told spent more than a few years hiding under furniture in the shelter, has come a long way and will almost let me pick her up now.
The black barn queen is gorgeous demanding and in charge. She loves her cuddles too.
They won’t often stay still for pictures,
Except when they are eating.

Our house cat, Gordo, takes a lot of love from the family. He’s mostly good natured but can turn on a dime. And he’s better at those cat games than you’d think.


Farms need cats and cats need farms.

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