Farmers on Vacation 2015

Farmers rarely go on vacation. Especially livestock farmers with a family. Prior to children and farm. I used to travel more. Work in Tropical countries. Stuff of winter dreams compared to what my… Continue reading

Nettles are nice

Plant Allies I love my hubby, our children, our animals, but i also really love our plants. I love our domestic, cultivated plants, but I also love the wild or naturalized ones that… Continue reading

Spring! It’s finally really here.

I’m almost, still, in disbelief. That was such a long, cold winter, I think I almost forgot what warm sun on green living things smelled like. Heaven. Ah! Oh we’ve needed this. And… Continue reading

Early Spring – a Photo Blog

Pastured Chicken

Yeah! I’m super excited to offer you all what I believe to be some of the best poultry you can buy. I’m a wee bit apprehensive as I’ll be running a new system… Continue reading

Our new Lady Cows

Dun coloured Belted Galloway. A rare cattle breed originating from south western Scotland. Whimsical, is our new 4yr old cow and Bronwyn, the smaller heifer, is her last years calf. Whimsical is about… Continue reading

It ain’t over yet.

Old man winter Aren’t you old Aren’t you cold. I am. Time for spring So get your things Get going. Well. Foot high snow drifts and -25 night temps certainly don’t surprise me… Continue reading

What do you do with goat meat?

Another in my “I’ve heard you ask” series of blog posts. Goat meat: what do I make with that? One word. Curry. But before I get to that. Did you know goat meat… Continue reading

Hatching chicks

When we started farming, I learned that chickens could lay eggs in more colors than just white and brown. I was so excited. I went on a hunt to find all the most… Continue reading


I had a number of customers ask me about jerky. I like jerky. Never made it before but thought I should give it a go. Well as you may have noticed from the… Continue reading