our farm, our family

Featherstone Farm is located in the scenic Lowville Valley along Guelph Line. We rent a 28 acre farm and heritage home founded by the Featherston family in the early 1800’s. We, Andrew and Michelle Macdonald, are the farmers, but declined naming the farm Macdonald farm for many reasons. We are both graduates of the University of Guelph, Environmental Science Program. While not exclusively an aggie program, it is a very interdisciplinary major that allows us both to have gained a very wide perspective and understanding of the different aspects of running a small farm. That foundation, coupled with our desire for good healthy food, a wholesome upbringing for our children, and an insatiable quest for holistic solutions to lifestyle desires has led us to this quest to create a beautiful farm organism.

We have been blessed with 3 children, within 2 years, and that adds to the chaos and constant buzz that is our farm. We apologize for any inconvenience but family comes first. They’ll be a fabulous help in just a few short years, i keep reminding myself. We hope you can understand and enjoy the little turkeys too!