Cold Feet

Well, hello all, thanks for dropping in.
This week has been a cold one again. Too cold. We really don’t mind the cold and the snow but the extreme cold this year has been a little much for us all. Firstly, with the increase in propane costs, heating our leaky old farm house now costs around 1000$/ month. Which is quite the additional cost to bear. But worse, is the effect of the cold on the animals and in particular, the Muscovy ducks.
We have been raising muscovies for about 8 years now. Every year they have been the most self reliant, albeit messy animals we have ever had the pleasure to work with.
With the approaching cold, we made the effort to go outside and round up these free range birds and get them into the barn where they would be warmest, however, even with our best efforts we still had ducks choosing to be out in the cold and a few got frost bitten on their toes. 😦 These animals have always been fine all winter long just doing their thing and finding shelter as needed, but not this year.
The poor things, we did finally force them into the barn, would be limping about, some worse than others, we lost one or two who got hit particularly bad but for the most part we managed to get them to stay warm and safe. The handful with the frosty toes, we learned, would most likely not get better. So with this info, and the fact that we had over 50 free ranging birds running amok in our small barn making it difficult to take proper care of the other animals, we decided to make a run to country poultry processors. And so we have duck and soup chickens available for sale this weekend.
I know. Not the happiest most feel good post, but sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do. The birds all had wonderful lives, we all have to go sometime. Definitely one of my less favourite realistic aspects of being a farmer and working with livestock.
Makes me appreciate the good warm times just a little more.
Till next week,
Stay warm


4 thoughts on “Cold Feet

  1. That’s very sad to hear about your birds. I have been dealing with some chilly chickens as well. We only have 7 who have the entire barn to roam to keep them busy during the day ..they’re doing alright. We drove by your place today on our way to the Loweville fair. We are just up the road on Carlisle. Do you have any birds left? I could come by tomorrow, the 27th. Your place looks beautiful. I told my husband that I won’t be eating any more meat unless I know exactly where it comes from and I’m able to visit the farm so it’s serendipitous that we drove by you!

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