It ain’t over yet.

Old man winter
Aren’t you old
Aren’t you cold.
I am.
Time for spring
So get your things
Get going.

Well. Foot high snow drifts and -25 night temps certainly don’t surprise me at this point. The end is near and I can still rejoice a little inside. In the warmth. 🙂

We are excitedly awaiting the arrival of our new fold of cattle. Until this time, we have raised a dairy cow, Alice, a little calf, Lenny and a few stocker cows over the past few years. We have finally decided on a breed of cow and have just purchased our first 3 breeding cows. Whimsical, is the mommy 🙂 who is expecting a baby soon and her last years calf, who we get to name. So exciting! I hope to have more details and full pics next week.

Ruby Tuesday. One of our first 3 sows is getting bigger by the day before our very eyes. With the exception of a few arguments over meals with our boar, Kevin, she is so mellow and calm. I even got in there and gave her a big mama massage and scratch. That belly is beautiful! I wonder how many piglets there are?

Bella, our new Berkshire sow, had a tough go for her first farrowing, but she is being a most attentive mother now with her one adorable remaining piglet. We have high hopes for her still.

Next time we meet, I hope I can see green.




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