Are you New Here? Read this.

Are you New Here? We are. New to Kawartha Lakes. And So happy to be here.

We do things a little bit different and its hard to get all the details down on the page.

I encourage you to call us or make an appointment to come visit the farm and see how we do things. This is how we have always operated. We are organic, biodynamic, permaculture, sustainable, biodiversity, conservation, gmo free- minded but not certified in anything. We raise Animals and Steward our lands to the best of our abilities. Andrew and I both have degrees in Environmental Science and I also have my permaculture design cert and my holistic nutrition degree as well. We are constantly researching, collaborating and observing nature to learn how to work better, smarter and more in synergy with our environment.

We are still supplying our amazing dedicated customers in the North Burlington area, but are very excited to be able to now offer, by appointment sales, from our new farm here, just south of Omemee, so please, don’t be shy, come see what we have to offer.

Our Gmo free, Tamworth pork is raised in our valley of cedars, and spoiled daily with organic apple pulp and local hemp by-products. It is butchered by our talented and hardworking Mennonite friends, the Brubachers, in West Montrose. Their skill in the smokehouse is quite unsurpassed.


Our selection varies depending on supply but we do a fresh batch every month.

It may include:

  • Bone in Chops- both Loin and butt,
  • Smoked Chops (Husband calls these meat Candy)
  • Stew pork (think souvlaki) ,
  • Ground pork (meatballs),
  • Tenderized pork cutlets (SCHNITZEL!!!),
  • Short cut and back ribs (my childrens favourite),
  • Shoulder roasts (pulled pork),
  • Ham roasts
  • Sliced ham (amazing local sandwich meat),
  • Bacon- we do 4!!!
    • Best Bacon ever – standard strip/belly bacon
    • Back Bacon- Canadian style leaness without the cornmeal
    • Rashers- British cut bacon; its got the smoked loin medallion with enough belly fat to fry it perfectly
    • Farmers Bacon- Smoked jowels. Fattier, smaller strip bacon. And you know FAT=FLAVOUR. This stuff has taken folks back to their childhoods and homelands more than once. Great with pizza and pasta too.
  • Sausages. oh yes. Sausages. The most convenient of pork meals. My fave. Which is why I make many. We could live on these things. I make the fresh sausage preps and my butcher packs them up for us. Always sea salt, never iodized.
    • Breakfast
    • Honey Garlic
    • Sweet Italian
    • Hot Italian
    • Toulouse- bacon, red wine, thyme, garlic, nutmeg- AMAZING.
    • Bratwurst
    • Spanish Chorizo
    • Mexican Chorizo
    • Hunters Sausage- Fresh herb n garlic with heart n liver
    • Green Goddess- feta, kale, garlic, oregano
    • Tex Mex- Jack, jalepenos, chile, cilantro
    • Sage and apple
    • Sage and Currant
    • Wild thing- Fresh wild spring edibles from the forests and ham
    • Pork and Leek
    • Boudin Blanc
    • and More!!
  • We also make Mild, hot and Honey Garlic Peperrettes too.
  • Additionally, we do bones and organs, any way you need them. We have lots of folks making broths and other traditional healthy foods made from our bits and bites, just ask.

We also raise amazing beef, Chicken and Turkeys.

Please join our mailing list by finding the majik box or sending me an email with your email so I can add you to my secret newsletter. You will get inside info on our seasonal availability.


We also post quite frequently on Facebook, so if you are Facebook friendly, please find us there too.

We primarily sell by the cut, 6-10$ per lb, which is different but many find they like this. We can box stuff up for you if you have a set amount and just want to sample things but you can also come with exactly what you want and get ONLY that. We’ve found this works for most folks and do our best to accommodate everyones’ needs.

Well, I hope this helps orient you, i am in the process of redoing our website but needed to get a little something up here in the meantime. Please call me, Michelle, at 519-835-7601 if you have any questions. We are here to help, growing food for you is what we do.

Michelle Macdonald