What do you do with goat meat?

Another in my “I’ve heard you ask” series of blog posts.
Goat meat: what do I make with that?
One word. Curry.
But before I get to that.
Did you know goat meat accounts for approximately 63% of meat consumed worldwide? It’s huge in North Africa, south east Asia and the Caribbean. It is leaner than beef, pork, lamb and chicken and is higher than all in protein.
And it’s delicious.
Get some goat before it’s gone.

Easy crock pot goat curry
We made this tonight. Using our own butter and skipping the peppers and cayenne so it was child friendly, I quickly popped it in the slow cooker around noon. By dinner, the meat was beautifully tender and the sauce was unbelievably savoury. Even the 3 year olds in the house loved it. It was a fantastic hit all around and I absolutely recommend it to anyone. Would be great with fresh chapati or roti too!
This recipe will definitely be making it to the household cookbook.





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