It’s still a total deep freeze out there but I am thinking green!
I am very excited because I finally had help to bring this into the house.

It’s my Kijiji bought and husband rebuilt, grow table. And this spring it aims to grow lots if yummy yummy sprouts for you all.
I also contacted Mumms seeds today and placed my first order of organic black oil sunflower seeds and speckled peas as well as some baby blankets for them. Baby blankets are their recommended media for growing sprouts which is made of felted grass, helps keep even moisture and are even re useable. So I hope they work well in combo with some nice sea minerals and kelp fertilizer to grow our sprouts. Stay posted!
The seed order will be here in about a week. That will give me time to get it all cleaned and set up properly. Which means….. I hope to have peeping chicks right next door to them in the dining room when you come pick up your eggs and sprouts.
Oh spring is so exciting!
Stay warm!

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