Magnificent Mushrooms

Hi all.

It’s been far too long since I’ve shared, and I apologize, for I had the best of intentions, as always. As soon as that working weather starts, we just don’t stop around here until the cold and rain drives us back inward once more.

It is fall. And since late summer I have been mushroom crazy. Mushroom foraging has been a passion discovered when my husband and I were courting and has grown stronger over the years as we have built our family.

It started with caution and excitement, identifying one or two more distinctive species and observing the spectacular diversity that explodes every fall.

Over the seasons, we have discovered many local fungi with both delicious and health promoting benefits. This season was particularly fruitful and I am so grateful to the forest for providing this added bounty to our harvest as I sadly did not do much with the veggie garden in this scorching season.

Anyhow, just wanted to share a quick word about our fungal friends. If you are interested, I can share more but I didn’t want to totally geek out on mushrooms on you here. Not yet anyhow.

Enjoy all your fall hikes friends and I’ll be sure to share some more of the season with you here soon.

Much Love in the diminishing Light ❤️🍄

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