Spring! It’s finally really here.

I’m almost, still, in disbelief. That was such a long, cold winter, I think I almost forgot what warm sun on green living things smelled like. Heaven. Ah! Oh we’ve needed this. And the animals too. It’s time everyone gets out of the barn and into the sun and warmth.
The laying hens will be out on the grass in their egg mobile soon, (update: they are out!)

the cows are anticipating that sweet green grass they’re watching in the pasture, and the piggies will be out in the sun and rolling in the cool mud too. I can hardly wait.
We had a bunch of damage to our fencing from all the ice and snow this winter but we have just about cleared it all out with help from wonderful friends and family. Many thanks to our wonderful supporters who we appreciate so, so much.
And in honor of the sun I am to include the promised sunny lion cookies.

Dandelion cookies
When the kids pick that that lovely yellow bouquet for you, put them to work plucking petals! You pinch the green end of the flower head and pull out all the yellow loveliness. I found it helpful to kinda smush them with a small glass tumbler or something similarly sturdy once you understand where to pinch. You’ll need a half cup for this cookie recipe. Enjoy the sun! Click on link below to view recipe. Not mine 🙂 always give credit where it’s due, however, when i try it with lemon or lavender too, then I’ll post my own. 😉

Dandelion Flower Cookies


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