Pastured Chicken

Yeah! I’m super excited to offer you all what I believe to be some of the best poultry you can buy. I’m a wee bit apprehensive as I’ll be running a new system with a bit of financial pressure but nothing like a fire under you to get you working hard right?
We are buying a locally made Cackellac poultry shelter made proudly on the Bruce peninsula. While not inexpensive, they look like the best made shelters I’ve seen. So it’s a real pleasure to be finally getting our hands on one. I do hope it performs as advertised. 🙂


We are planning 3 batches of one hundred chickens. The first two batches will be standard White Rock Crosses and the last will be Bonnie’s Heavy Reds. The white rocks are the industry standard birds and will grow to market size in about 9 weeks on pasture without the use of any antibiotics. The heavy reds are a special breed from the hatchery that are less hybridized and more bird like than the white rocks. They are hardier and will take longer to grow which is why we will run them last and grow them as long as they are comfortable into the fall. I have my first batch of chicks ordered and hope to have chicken for sale by June. The feed will as usual be our trusted Gmo free Maitland Valley mix from Jones feed mill and will supplement with Acadian kelp as well to be sure micronutrients are more than taken care of.




As for processing.
We have worked with a number of not local enough processors in the past but one is above and beyond the others.
Schefters Poultry Processing in Gorrie, Ontario.


Where is that? You ask. Far. We go that far to get the best for you. Schefters is family owned and run, it is clean and they offer top quality service and products. We are never disappointed, however the distance and quality do cost a wee bit more. I even spring for the organic processing if I can get in there.
These are the best. And are proud to support them. That being said. They do lovely butchering and I hope to have the chicken butchered into pieces. My projected price, as mentioned is 5.50$/lb however butchered pieces will be more, with a premium on the breast meat.


If you wonder why I’m so picky about where our birds are processed please take a moment to watch this CBC marketplace video
CBC marketplace Superbugs in the Supermarket

If we could, we would do an on farm Salatin style processing. But Alas it is not allowed. Mobile processors would be nice too, also not permitted, so I complain to the politicians, educate my customers and go out of my way to get the best options available. We think you appreciate it as we know we would.

So thank you all in advance, it is my pleasure to grow happy, healthy, delicious chicken for you this year, let’s hope for a gentle spring for this first batch!
And as always
Thank you for supporting your local farmers and processors.

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