Winter on the Farm

This is our second winter here in the Kawarthas now; we are more prepared than the last one and despite the cold, I’m enjoying it more.

The chickens are all tucked in their insulated cackellac. Warming up nicely during the bright days. No eggs for some time now but I’m hoping they will start laying again in the next few weeks as our days are growing longer.

The piggies I think are happier in the freezing cold than they were in the muddy cold. Once the ground froze it was nicer for them to get around. They have their toasty log huts to curl up in the straw and cuddle. Eating mostly wheat, barley and pea ration as well as their hemp pellets still, I know they miss the apple pulp and black walnuts of the fall.

I like having the cows so close to the house in the barnyard in the winter, it allows us to spend more time with them. In the fairer months, they are out roaming the fields all the time it seems. We have had 3 healthy calves and one stillborn to our dear Alice. She took it hard and requires some veterinary care and extra attention from us but she is on the mend and looking forward to the spring. Little Bethany is quite adorable and a good bit smaller than the two boys.

So fluffy.

The pond managed to fill about halfway before freezing so we have still ended up with a decent rink for skating.Too cold lately but on the milder days the kids have great fun tobogganing and skating right here on our front field.

All in all, it’s been a great year of transition and creation. Tons of work but so very worth it. We are exhausted and sore and happier than ever.

Thank you all for your continued support for what we do. I’ve been somewhat less present on social media this year but I hope to have the time and energy to share more of what we are up to this year.

We are very excited about our long term plans for the Farm. Andrew and I were discussing the state of the world today and how crazy things are out there: we firmly believe what we are creating, the land, the ecosystems, the Farm, the food, our family and community is the very best thing we can be doing to help save, protect and steward our magical little blue planet and we are ever so grateful to be able to share this experience with you all.

Much love and light

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