April 6th

We are on the cusp. Things are just about to turn green around here. I can smell it. And it’s exciting.

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. We enjoyed a couple of our hams at the in laws. They were a bit leaner than usual as was expected because the hogs that went to market were a wee bit younger than usual in order to have them to you for the holidays. Which we are glad we did.

Our sales were unprecedented last week. We knew there was pent up demand because we have been closed for a while but we had no idea it was so great. Thank you. And we apologize to anyone who missed out. More pork will be available before the end of April.

I made it a priority to have a good consistent supply of pork for you this year. I have 3-6 piggies going to market every 4-6 weeks. And I have them timed before every long weekend or holiday. So please count on us this year. šŸ™‚

As for chicken.

I am picking up my first batch of 100 meat chicks from the hatchery today. I have the NICU brooder all set up and ready in the barn and we got our tonne of gmo and drug free chick starter from the feed mill yesterday. I just need to find my probiotic and vitamix premix and pick up some newspaper before the babies arrive. Expect pictures of fluffy yellow balls of cute soon.

They will spend 3 weeks in the barn and then will be out on the pasture for 7 more. So green, baby, green! Those chickens need their greens. šŸ™‚

First chicken butcher date is June 15th.


2 thoughts on “April 6th

  1. i am wondering how do you deal with the death of an animal. A pet. I had to put my 10 year old lab down yesterday. I am heartbroken. She was ill. I cant find any comfort anywhere
    I have bout eggs and pork off you one in a while, just wondering your thoughts

    1. Well it’s never easy. We’ve lost many. I cried when the goats died or had to go to the butcher. I cried when I took in my turkeys last year. I cried when I littlest rescue kitten died too. A good cry is healthy. The kids are learning quick. They cry too. We have a pet cemetery. We visited yesterday actually. Said hello. We miss them. At least when they go to the butcher I take solace in that they lived well and will not perish for naught.
      A dog like that is like a family member. My condolences. My mother spared me from the deaths of my two childhood companions as they were put down when I was not there and did not know. When I found out, I cried, I wish I could have said goodbye. But I know they are at rest, I wish them well on the next life, and I remember them with fondness and share their stories with my children. They remain a part of us forever. šŸ™‚

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