Anyone can do it- bread!

As requested.
Ok. I’ve tried and I’ve tried over the years. I’ve really tried to cut out processed and premade products for the family and making a good eating and slicing bread has been a big goal. It seems no matter what I tried things always fell flat or smelled yeasty or wouldn’t slice nicely.
I finally found a recipe online that said it was so easy a 3 year old could do it, so I figured I could too.
And they were right!
Here’s the recipe.

3 cups flour
( all white, or with 1/2 cup whole flour works best, any more is possible, it’s just heavier)
1 tsp sea salt
1/4 tsp quick rise yeast
1.5 cups water

Mix dry ingredients together into large bowl.



Once the dry ingredients are mixed, add water and mix until you have a shaggy dough.

I use room temp water usually but slightly warm water seems to give it a boost too.
Cover your dough in the bowl. I used to use plastic wrap, but it made more waste than I liked so now I cover it with a plate.
Then set it somewhere cozy overnight.
Do not knead.

Upon waking, it will look kinda like this…

Now scrape it out of the bowl onto a floured surface and shape into a loaf. Do not knead.
Then if you want a nice slicing loaf, place in a parchment lined bread pan. If you want a more rustic, round loaf, place on parchment into a bowl. I like to use my Dutch oven, it was however, double booked for the photo shoot, so I improvised. 🙂

Let sit for about an hour. Then put a large oven safe pot into the oven and warm oven to 450 degrees.
Once oven is warm, place bread in pan, or on parchment into pot and place lid on top.

At 30 minutes, take lid off, and bake 15 minutes more.
When you take the loaf out to cool, be sure to check that it sounds hollow when you tap on the bottom. I have never had it fail.



Now enjoy the smell and the sound of crackling as it cools and try not to eat it all before it cools. I couldn’t. At least the first dozen loaves never cooled.
Once I emerged from my bread coma a few lbs heavier, lol, I learned that after it cools I could store it in an old plastic bread bag and the crust softens and it slices beautifully.
There you go.
I broke it down and added a ton of pics so it looks more complicated than it is. It’s easy to remember and very forgiving. And I swear it only takes 10 minutes total of your time to make. It allowed me to finally achieve my goal of only making our own bread. When I used to buy 3-4 loaves per week.
Good luck. Let me know how you do. 🙂

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