April Rains

Good morning friends. 

It is a cold and rainy morning here on the farm. So cold in fact, my young birds are not going outside for the day, they’re going to stay in the house where it’s a little cosier and a little warmer. But the quail and the chickens are both doing well. 


I also have an incubator full, hatching any day. So more cute chick photos on the way!

The meat birds are still in the barn. Everyone is doing well and they’re looking forward to getting outside on the grass next week.

 The cows don’t mind the rain at all, they are out enjoying their time on the grass eating grass. 


And the piggies are all snug in their barn.

 Egg production has been low due to the cooler weather and many hens making nests. 💕🐣



   In case you have not met, here is our darling mascot, Pepita. She’s 100% mexican beach mutt and she won our hearts in the yucatan. She’s still a puppy, so please be mindifull as always in the driveway. 

Just wanted to say hi and keep you updated. 

I’ll be getting on top of newsletter logistics next week as I have my sons’ birthday parties keeping me busy until the weekend. We’ve just finished the piñata. 

 Enjoy a good deep breath of enlivening spring rain air today. The air is cleanest when it rains and we need all this water to bring the soil to life and make the plants grow. 


Happy rainy spring day!☔️

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