A new beginning…

Well friends, the time has come, we are nearing the end of Featherstone in Lowville and beginning a new chapter in Omemee. 

Say what!?!

Omemee is an indigenous name for pigeon, our new farm is near the pigeon river and apparently the fishing is fantastic. 

We have begun the process to move farm, family and business to the other side of the GTA. Once the 407 extension is finished, we will be 20 minutes from where it meets the 35/115 to Peterborough. 

Just down the road is Devils elbow ski hill and not one minute away, the largest Buddhist temple in North America is being constructed. 

We are very excited to be relocating to this beautiful area and look forward to sharing it with you too. 

I’ll likely be relying more on blog posts to keep you all updated with our progress in setting up the new farm and getting started in production again as soon as possible. 

For starters, I’ll be making my first delivery just before the holidays. Full beef selection and limited pork sampler boxes. So stay tuned for those announcements for sure. 

I may not be set up by then but the plan is to set up a mobile farm store in a trailer with freezers and set up delivery shop in a Halton neighbourhood near you every couple weeks. 

You may want to email me at : featherstonefarmers@gmail.com and ask me to add you to the mailing list so you don’t miss a beat. 

Also, if you haven’t already checked it out, I have just launched a gofundme campaign here 


Check it out. I’ll be posting updates as the project planning progresses. It’s a great opportunity to get involved. 

All for now. I’ll leave you with some pictures. I hope to post a video to the gofundme page this weekend from the new farm. 

Thanks for all your support,

The Macdonald Family


2 thoughts on “A new beginning…

  1. ❤️ Although it’s still close-ish … we will miss you all! We will be sure to come and visit! Naturally you raised your hens to only eat your chicken feed ensuring your friends will have to visit you at least every 8 weeks! 😬😊 Best of luck with the set up of the new farmstead … we will eventually come up with a logo … maybe a Pigeon?

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