June 10, 2015

 We have :

  • Honey garlic- local raw organic honey, our own green garlic, sea salt – simple sweet perfection. Great for the whole family. 
  • Sweet Italian – a choice blend of spices. Great with pasta. 
  • Chorizo- local white wine, our green garlic, sea salt and a savoury and spicy spanish blend of spices. 
  • Boudin Blanc- a French  harvest sausage with Liver, organic rice, onions, green onions, parsley, green garlic, sea salt, plus red, white and black pepper. A wonderful and unique sausage with a bit of spice. 
  • Texmex – last years big new hit- our own pickled hot peppers, our green garlic, old cheddar, nickle brook headstock ale,  my own chili powder blend, cilantro and sea salt. 
  • Green Goddess- the one many have been waiting for- Kale, green garlic, oregano, feta, sea salt and black pepper. I think I was divinely inspired for this one. 

Plus we have Bronto bacon, a few ribs, liver, headcheese ( better than it sounds, I’m working on it) and hocks, hocks, hocks. 

So many smoked hocks in fact that I’ve been inspired to host a contest. 

I will provide you with a hock.

You will go forth and create a masterpiece. 

Document with photo and recipe. 

Submit for Facebook vote. 

Most votes gets free chicken!


Are you in?

Remind me  I’ll forget. Lol. 

Oh. And I’m so excited. 

Look who’s outside now!



Chicken next Monday. 

More pork the week after. 

Wow this season is non stop!

Many thanks and gratitude from all of us at the farm.