Pasture raised gmo-free chicken is here! ….. And almost gone again. 

Hi everyone. 

So sorry for the delay. It’s Friday now and I brought our first 100 meat chickens to market on Monday.  They’ve been selling fast as usual but there are still some lovely cuts available if you are able to come out this weekend. 

We have:

  • Boneless skinless breasts 
  • Bone-in, skin-on thighs
  • Drumsticks
  • Necks and backs
  • Livers 
  • Hearts 
  • Gizzards

The next 100 will be similarly prepared for August 10. The final 100 will all be whole birds, available in October. 

These are your industry standard double breasted white rock x Cornish chickens. They have been raised with gmo-free feed, probiotics and vitamin supplements on our pastures in a moveable chicken tractor called a “Cackellac” for 10 weeks ( 3 in barn brooder, 7 on grass). They are butchered 1.45 hrs away at the cleanest, friendliest, swiftest abbatoir I could find, Schefters poultry processing. I am very happy with how they treat and process our beautiful birds and prepare them for us. 

We sincerely hope you enjoy them too. 

In other news. 

New piglets! New weaners! New duckies! Piggies outside. Chickies outside. Garden growing well. 





Have a Happy Father’s Day and a Happy Summer Solstice this weekend. 

I’ll try to post my next update on Monday as I regularly do. 

In gratitude. 

Farmer mom. 

3 thoughts on “Pasture raised gmo-free chicken is here! ….. And almost gone again. 

  1. I am in interested in buying from time to time some chicken to eat ( don’t like the supermarket ones)…I guess you sell, right? But not every day? Thanks

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