June 1, 2015

Hot. Freezing. Dry. Drenched. 

Whoa. It’s been a ride this spring, hasn’t it?

It’s been a good deal of work keeping up and taking care of everybody but we’ve been doing a good job. If I do say so myself. Lol. 

Sorry for the delay. I fell asleep putting the kids to bed and didn’t get to finish this. Lol. 

I hustled Saturday morning to finish all 6 sausage preps, so stay tuned for sausage arrival. I anticipate next Wednesday but it may be different because it’s not a regular order. Ooh. And it’s all fresh picked green garlic in these sausages. 🙂 yum. 


Our pickled peppers
Boudin Blanc, sausage premix
 We sent our boar, Kevin Bacon, off to a wonderful new home, dropped our dear Squeeky Sedna off to the abbatoir with a lovely farewell meal, delivered the cooler full of sausage preps to the butcher and picked up a few adorable cows to add to the herd. The little guy, Houdini, is just adorable.


Lenny, resident trouble maker
     They are integrating well with the herd.

The meat chickens and egg ladies are all doing well, as are the new chickies too. We have had one turkey injury and she in back in the turkey brooder recuperating. I think she will recover. 


my chores helper

And I’m picking up our next batch of 100 meat birds today too so we are all ready for them too. 

The gardens are all doing well and I suppose after this rain, I’ll be hurrying to catch up with the weeds. 🙂


Open for eggs this weekend. Should have a bunch extra again and if it continues, I’ll get a few more of you on the regular list. 🙂
And may I introduce, Bellarosa,  our new gilt. May she grow up to be one big, happy, healthy mama pig.  


Til next week,

Be well.  

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