April 27, 2015

Everyone is well though I think we all wish it were a warmer spring. 

Despite the poor weather, we have been hard at work. Mr. Farmer had a 14 hr day mucking the barn and barnyard this weekend. Buddy, our mini horse is super excited to be mowing the lawn again and it seems we now have a pet turkey. (Separate post to follow about her). All the egg layers are out on the pasture and enjoy the fresh spring air now too. 

I’ve been checking and rechecking feed, water, temp, space and airflow for all our baby birds multiple times a day and everyone has been enduring the weather like champs so far. The meat chicks will be 3 weeks old and technically ready for pasture tomorrow. I will be putting them out if the weather is decent. I’m really hoping for sun. But they have quickly outgrown their brooder so they must go out in the next day or two.  


Pork pick up will be this Wednesday. Yeah!

I’ll post my hours as soon as I return and unload into the freezers and will then update daily on the FB after that. Please be sure to get here early for the best selection. 

I’m really very excited for things to start growing in the garden. This slow start has been such a tease. 

Just a question: how would you all feel about wild greens like nettle, leek or chickweed in your next green goddess sausage? 🙂 I’m thinking it would be fun!

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