Week of April 20, 2015

Deep breath. 






It’s getting really busy and muddy here on the farm. Lots of excitement this week. 

The meat chicks continue to grow well. They will be heading out on the grass next week.



 My first hatch of layer chicks has been successful with 33/48 hatched. I’ll be filling the incubator again this week. 



I picked up my first batch of meat turkeys for the summer. Gosh are they cute.  And I’m happy to say they are all happy and healthy too. 


I also picked up a dozen new white egg layers to add to our flock for the season and they are already making a real nice contribution to our egg supply. Be sure to ask if we have any when you are here. 



3 piggies went to market yesterday so stay tuned for a fresh batch of pork early next week. 

I’ve prepared honey garlic, sweet Italian and Texmex sausages for everyone this time around. I think there will be local fresh greens for green goddess sausages next. 🙂 and I’ll try to save bacon to do Toulouse as well. 🙂



 I’ve also been busy cleaning the gardens and pruning the berry bushes while dreaming sweet dreams of bountiful harvest. And I finally had time to whip up a new batch of business cards and a spiffy new car magnet too.  Yeah!



Oh and don’t forget, seed potatoes will be shipping out end of April. 8 heirloom varieties. I’ll have them packed up for you as soon as they arrive. 

So, next update will have pork sales info. Stay tuned! And get out and enjoy the spring whenever you can. 


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