May 4, 2015

We need rain. First it’s cold, Now it’s dry. But it’s Spring and it’s gorgeous. And it’s exciting!

In the spring we hit this point, it’s like a switch is turned on, all of a sudden I can’t stop. I just plant, I must dig, I must grow, Go! Go! Go! it’s great. But it’s exhausting. 

 Well the cows are happy and out on pasture, the chickens are happy and out on pasture, the meat birds are happy and out on pasture too. The turkeys are well but they’re still in the barn, as are the piggies. The garden is growing and I’m working on all it the time. There have been 12 new barn chicks hatched by one happy mama bird in the barn and our mini horse, Buddy is enjoying the lawn. 

Sorry to be so brief but you should see the pile of dishes in my kitchen. It never goes away, and it’s always huge. It’s terrible. 

Ah Spring on the farm. 

We have three piggies going to market this weekend which means we will have a fresh batch of pork back from the butcher on Wednesday, May 20. 

I’m very excited we are going to have some new sausage flavours and some new products available hopefully that I’ve been working on. So stay tuned. 

   Oh and organic heirloom potatoes arrive this Wednesday. I will have them packed up for sale as soon as possible. There are eight varieties; fingerlings, early, mid and late potatoes of different colors. It’s really exciting. Let me know if you need a larger quantity and I will do my best to accommodate.

And!- ( gosh so much is happening)

I can accommodate a few more regular weekly egg pickups if anyone is interested, please send me an email. 

Thanks everyone!

Ps. Hens do fight. The big red roo broke this up pretty fast. 



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