Happy 2014! Boy is it cold out there!!!

Happy 2014 Folks!

Its that cold inward reflecting time of the year when all the veggie farmers on vacation are almost ready to start dreaming about seed orders and veggie starts for the year. We are plodding along in the snow, wind and ice, taking care of our beautiful beasts. Battling frozen water lines, 60 hr power outages and all associated fun challenges.

A wintry welcome
A wintry welcome

Our Chickens have been staying warm enough and seem comfy. I was a little concerned as we decided to bring them inside the barn to a slightly smaller space this year but with the addition of some more vertical roosting space and a few closet mirrors, the space seems quite large enough to keep them all content.

Jan 2nd download 2014 181Consequently, our chores get a lot more fun and colorful (like every day is easter! ) not to mention more yummy.Jan 2nd download 2014 177

I have decided this is one of my farm resolutions to you all this year. I will make a blog post at least weekly with photos to keep you up to date on our farming progress.



Happy 2014!

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