Welcome Spring

Well, Spring has sprung and there is plenty of activity on the farm. Chicks Hatching, Ducklings arriving, Triplet kid surprises, Garden planning and creation AND a few escapees.

Our Beef Heifers have arrived and have made themselves at home with Alice as their new Matriarch. After an initial scare resulting in escape to the neighbors garden, Daisy and the new cows seem to get along fine. They appear to be very intelligent as they managed to open the barn door and go for another exploration today. Luckily enough, we found them before they got too far and escorted them back to the barn.

Our Hens are back in the Eggmobile and Back on pasture. And back to work 🙂 In the picture above, you can see they are on open ground. We have them fertilizing, weeding and tilling the row garden plot by the house for us right now. Doing a fine job of it too!

The Window garden is moving outside, we’re getting ready to plant. So excited!!!

We’ve returned to our preferred method of garden bed creation this year: Sheet Mulching. You cover the ground with cardboard, few good inches of composted Manure, then top it off with a good layer of mulch.  The weeds are suppressed, a great soil structure is started. Its super fertile and while the labour outlay at the start is heavy, you reap the benefits all season long.Laying out paths in the sheet mulched garden

The Goats seem well. We were worried about our old Boer Doe, Cornelia. She was losing A LOT of hair. Turns out, she molts?!?! Loses her coat in the spring. Nothing to worry about, she’s healthy. Phew! Always a relief.Nora and Nancy Narrowhorn

Farm update

Our farm will be put up for sale in the near future. We do hope to spend the rest of the season here and depending on the plans of the new owners we may yet stay on, so please do not be worried about the ‘for sale’ sign that will soon be appearing, we’ll keep doing our best to provide you with the best farm fresh foods we can.

Alls well, we hope to see you all on the farm, its just beautiful.

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