handmade soap

We started soap making as a hobby; importing lovely vegetable oils from goodness knows where through some reputable company i found online and using our own goat milk. The soap was nice.

Then we started thinking about being more local, supporting local…. and it hit us: We have pigs! Pig lard makes soap too!!! What a revelation. We switched up the tropical oils for our own lard and Voila! the most gentle, pure, feel good, almost 100% local soap we’ve ever used.

Its not vegan though, and many wonderful soap makers have that claim on their soap, we don’t. Ours is anything but. But you know where it comes from and where its made.

Its super gentle and lasts a good long time, it doesn’t quite lather like the veggie oils soaps, but that doesn’t bother us. We’ve gotten many wonderful reviews from patrons with ultra sensitive skin who have no problem using our soap. That makes me happy.

We do add 100% pure essential oils to scent some batches because I love working with essential oils and believe in their benefits, but we also hope to use essential oils we have produced ourselves one day too.

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