Eggs and Chickens

We love Chickens. and Roosters too. As soon as we found out you can get chickens that lay different color eggs, we decided to have the most colorful dozen we could imagine! After 5 years of searching out breeds and raising our flock from eggs, we are proud to have a beautiful heritage rainbow spectrum of eggs. Of extremely limited supply, unfortunately, but do ask if you are interested.

In the fair weather, they are raised outdoors, on our lush wild pasture. We have a camper trailer we have gutted and made into our ‘Eggmobile’. There are perches and nest boxes that give the chickens a place to roost and lay eggs that can be moved around the field to supply them with lovely fresh greens and bugs to eat. All our grain based feeds are gmo free.

We aim to have the happiest, healthiest, most beautiful and tasty chickens around.

You will almost definitely meet some of our Roaming Roos when you visit, they are so gorgeous! I just wish they laid eggs too.

12 thoughts on “Eggs and Chickens

  1. I’d like to start growing 2 chickens in our back yard in the Burlington area, any suggestions for suppliers?

  2. Good evening,

    I work at Halton Centre For Child Care and we are actively researching chick hatching programs. I’m wondering if your farm participates in such a program? We are looking for an incubator, and four- six fertilized eggs. We would ideally like to learn with the children all about the life cycle of the chicks from egg to chick.

    If you could please contact me to discuss this further, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance.
    I look forward to discussing this with you further

    1. Hello. I have not participated in this type of program before. I do have an incubator but not the type that allows for easy observation. If you would like to discuss any other possibilities please call 289-337-3375. Thanks.

  3. Hello,
    I work for the Halton District School Board, i teach kindergarten. My class just started an inquiry about birds, learning life cycle of different birds. My students have taken much interest in chickens. Wonder whether you’ll be able to fascilitate us with this activity. I’d be greatly appreciate if this is something you’ll consider helping us with.
    Thanks so much

  4. Hi! I live in Lindsay and am looking for a supply of pasture raised eggs nearby. Do you sell from Omemee? Can I pick them up there?

    1. No, They are heritage breed hens raised on pasture with gmo free feed. They could be considered organic if I bought organic feed.
      Our meat birds are standard meat birds, also raised on pasture with gmo free feed and no drugs.
      Pasture raised is often better than many organic raising systems, which are permitted in barns as far as I understand.

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