Our farm, Our family

The first 6 seasons….

Featherstone Farm was located in the scenic Lowville Valley along Guelph Line. We rented a 28 acre farm and heritage home founded by the Featherston family in the early 1800’s. We, Andrew and Michelle Macdonald, are the farmers, but declined naming the farm Macdonald farm for many reasons. We are both graduates of the University of Guelph, Environmental Science Program. While not exclusively an aggie program, it is a very interdisciplinary major that allows us both to have gained a very wide perspective and understanding of the different aspects of running a small farm. That foundation, coupled with our desire for good healthy food, a wholesome upbringing for our children, and an insatiable quest for holistic solutions to lifestyle desires has led us to this quest to create a beautiful farm organism.

We have been blessed with 3 children, within 2 years, and that adds to the chaos and constant buzz that is our farm. We apologize for any inconvenience but family comes first. They’ll be a fabulous help in just a few short years, i keep reminding myself. We hope you can understand and enjoy the little turkeys too!



We were so fortunate to finally take the leap and buy our own dream farm. Now, located in the beautiful Bethany Hills of the Kawartha Lakes, we own 101 acres and manage another 60 next door. Feilds, forest, hills, meadows, springs, wetlands and stream; we now have the ultimate responsibility as a family to be the stewards for this amazing patch of our earth. We have so many plans to grow the diversity and health of the land and to share and bring to you that bounty. We look forward to having you on the journey with us.

While we will be living and growing in OmemeIMG_9426.JPGe, we will be travelling back to Lowville regularly to provide you with our farm products.  Please stay tuned via Fb or email us to join the newsletter.

Be well.

16 thoughts on “Our farm, Our family

  1. Hi Michelle
    I understand you are interested in becoming a member of the Milton Farmers’ Market. Please contact me & I will forward you the necessary application forms.
    Barbara Campbell

  2. Super happy for you people! Keep the meat coming. Seriously. You cannot ever. Full stop. Stop. Selling meat👌.

  3. Hi just wondering if you sell beef and pork by the quarters and halfs and what your prices would be.. also wanting more info about ordering chicken

    1. No quarters or halves sorry. Not yet. Next chicken batch going in August 10. No preorders on that batch. Maybe the last batch in the fall. Please call if you have any additional questions. Thank you.

  4. On the halton.ca website they mention you have an organic market garden (gmo free) but I don’t see mention of fruits or vegetables on your website. I’m really interested in finding a local farm I can buy gmo free corn from, do you grow corn or can you recommend anyone who does? Thank you for your help!

    1. Hello. Yes. They should have updated their site but are not too good at that. 😉 no garden and no corn this year. Sorry. We have in the past. I’m not sure if they have it but I recommend plan B or simpler thyme for organic veggies. I know marshalls has corn right now. I don’t know if he’s Gmo free. Good luck. I’ll be looking too.

  5. Hi
    My name is Florica
    I have your information from Joana
    I am interested in heritage chicken and eggs
    Thank you florica

  6. I am looking to buy 2 – 4 hen ( layers) around the same age as mine ( 10 weeks old ) , do you have any ?

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