Summertime….and the livin is busy ….. 

Here we are again. 

In the full beautiful bounty of summer. 

Goodness it’s glorious. 

We have been beyond busy but are hoping things will begin to slow a bit. 

The hay is in. Stacked and tarped; summer green is locked away in rows. 

   Pigs have been outside for a while now, enjoying the mud and sun. Barn has been cleaned. manure has been spread on the freshly mown fields to give back what we have taken. New life in the barn; piglets. 

The chicken and the turkeys are enjoying the heat but will be spared with worst of it, I hope. They are both heading to market in the first weeks of August. 

Our freezers are currently full of a wonderful selection of heritage tamworth pork. The sausages, favourites as always in the summer months, are selling fast and I’m planning an extra batch or two in the next weeks. As it stands there is available: 

  • Green Goddess ( very high in kale this round, all ours; and oddly saltier than usual, but delicious)
  • Honey garlic
  • The Great’Scape ( scapes n sea salt)
  • Bratwurst 
  • Breakfast
  • Hunters (NEW- fresh garden herbs, sea salt, dash of hot peppers, heart and livers. Great way to sneak some super healthy offal into your diet or your childrens)

In addition to the sausages, there is lots of bacon, chops, roasts, ribs, sliced ham, kebabs, and schnitzel tenderized cutlets. 

I’ll open the farm store whenever I can but please check the Facebook or contact me to find out the most current hours. 

Oh. And I think our chickens may be starting their vacation early this year. Egg production is down and I have seen a few extra feathers flying around. They don’t like the heat but they have been relocated to a lovely little patch with trees in the field. I do still fear they have started their yearly moult, which means we will have fewer eggs and I will be cutting down on the regular egg pickups. Sorry folks. It’s just the way the ladies lay. 

You may have noticed our farm is listed for sale. We rent. The owners are moving on, but they hope to find new ownership that intend to keep us here for you. 🙂

Fingers crossed. 

Thanks again. 

In gratitude,

Farmer mom. 


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